West Coast Combat Sports is now reopen with enhanced safety protocols.

Please contact us for details.

Get ready to sweat. No matter what class you choose, be prepared to challenge yourself physically and mentally. No previous experience is required for most of our classes. We offer a free trial class, so come on down and see if kickboxing is right for you. Wear comfortable workout clothing and bring a water bottle, we can provide the rest. Try hitting something, it feels really good!

Youth Classes

Our youth classes at West Coast Combat Sports start at 6 years old. They are a great way for youth to gain self confidence while learning a great form of self defense and getting into top shape. Everyone functions better with regular exercise, especially youth. Most youth do not get enough daily exercise, kickboxing is a great way to ensure your child is staying active.

Ladies Only

Ladies only classes will get you sweating in the company of other women looking to get into excellent shape. The classes are high intensity, low contact. Learn self defense and get into the best shape of your life. We work hard in a positive atmosphere while improving skills such as balance, flexibility, timing, co-ordination and strength. Kickboxing is one of the best ways to build a strong core and is excellent as cross training. No previous experience required.


The everyone welcome classes are open to males and females of all ages including kids. These classes are a great way for the whole family to train together, get into great shape and learn an excellent form of self defense. Classes are taught based on the level of all students in the class. Everyone can work on their fundamentals! No previous experience required.

Everyone Welcome

Conditioning classes focus on building up the body for kickboxing. They will work the aerobic and anaerobic systems of your body. Kickboxing is one of the most intense workouts and burns more calories per hour than almost any other activity. More calories burnt, means more fat blasted! We start all classes with a long warm up then go into body weight exercises and kickboxing drills with a focus on high intensity. Drills may include use of the heavy bags, Thai pads, focus mitts or partner drills. Anyone looking to compete must attend conditioning classes. This is a non contact class. No previous experience required.

Bag Training

This class is a great full body workout! It consists of high intensity heavy bag training. Hitting the heavy bag is an excellent stress reliever. Work out any problems that you may have that day on the heavy bag. Learn basic combinations and put them to use on the heavy bag. Each class is unique. The heavy bag is a great tool for developing explosive power and timing. This is a non contact class. No previous experience required.

Introduction to Kickboxing

Our introduction to kickboxing classes focus on fundamentals and are great for beginners or those that are looking to improve on their basics. Classes begin with a warm up and then go into drills that focus on skill development. You will develop the skills that are required to spar and compete, should you wish to. You will learn effective offensive techniques as well as defensive techniques used by professional fighters. No previous experience required.

Level 2 Kickboxing

Level two classes are for those with some experience and are looking to continue advancing their skills. Classes include more advanced drills and introduce higher level techniques that build upon skills that were gained in level one classes. The Muay Thai clinch is introduced, various positions and techniques within it are taught and clinching occurs with active resistance. Students have the opportunity to test the skills that they have learned in a controlled environment during sparring sessions.

Competition Training

Competitions are available for students that have demonstrated a certain level of proficiency, as determined by their instructor. Competition training is mandatory for anyone looking to compete. Sparring is picked up and the intensity is higher. Inquire with instructors if interested, attendance upon invitation only.